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"...There were several amazing performances by several actors. Mary Nikols and Micki Martinez, in ensemble roles, often stole the show in group 

numbers and scenes with their enthusiasm and 

ability to work their lines and body language to their fullest emotional potential."

-The Deseret News


"Nikols and Martinez’s duet “I Know Him Well,” is beautiful and both actresses perform their parts extremely well." 

- Front Row Reviewers


"Mary Nikols (Sarah) and Mason Duncan (Harry) give us playful couple banter while showing their slightly neurotic tendencies toward their vices."

-Front Row Reviewers


"Mary C. Nikols plays romantic lead Lorraine and it is her story that we follow (literally and figuratively). Nikols does well in her portrayal,

and we can sense her internal conflicts, occasionally hidden beneath her witty replies, but slipping clearly through the cracks in her facade."

-Front Row Reviewers


"...Mary Nikols was an exception to the static performances. She played Olympia, a character who went from being ditsy and opinionated (but reasonable) to hating herself for her actions."

-Utah Theatre Bloggers


"Nikols has an incredible stage presence and is ever dripping with gravitas, so to see her portray the most typical feminine woman longing for a man to care for her was fascinating and she gives depth to a seemingly shallow character."

-Front Row Reviewers

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